Beside Yourself, Around Yourself, and Back to Yourself

This book is meant to be a short, practical guide for professionals such as life coaches, therapists, psychologists, and counselors, in which I describe the method I call “the separation method.”

It is not a type of therapy, but an exercise that can be used in coaching, consulting, as well as in therapy; it is up to you, the professional, to find your own way of adapting it to whatever it is that you specialize in. You may wonder how I came up with it, and why I want to share it. It is all very simple – I came up with it after years of education and experience. I wish to share it because it can not do harm, but if done properly, it can help. Perhaps someone else has developed a similar method – that is quite possible. I have never heard anyone talk about it, nor did the professionals I have met. Therefore, I thought it would be a useful and interesting thing to share.
You can find it here.