What I Am

Maya Spencer (Serbian: Maja Spenser, born 1983), author; singer/songwriter/composer; semi-wild animal.

I graduated from the University of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations, in 2005. First I was in love with the fields of security, propaganda and manipulation. After many years of studying psychology, sociology and psychopathology, I started writing books.

I make (and sing) my own music.

I fell in love with Machiavelli, then cheated on him with Skinner. Laughed out loud with Hume and Kundera. Cried with Dostoevsky. Went drinking with Aristotle; went thinking with Descartes. Went wolf-hunting with Hobbes. I wish Freud stopped hitting on me. Almost got into a fist fight with Schopenhauer. Fled to solitude with Nietzsche. Grateful to Pavlov, for recommending me a great conditioner.

I am an Argentine Tango dancer and I am pretty fanatical about it. I also enjoy shooting firearms, running, free dance, drawing, driving cars and the compulsive cleaning of everything that’s dirty or hasn’t been cleaned for twenty-four hours.

I love hyenas, Komodo dragons, lynxes and leopards. I love machines and robotics.

In my free time, I bend spoons. When I have even more free time, I study the processes of poor thinking and psychopathology.

I am not a member of any political, religious, or any other kind of group or association. I believe in honesty and helping others. I have been doing that all my life and I will keep doing it for as long as I live – because I want to, not because some dogma is telling me to do so, or threatening to punish me if I don’t.

What I Do


"Needless Thinking about Needs" and "Humanoid" were originally written in Serbian, but "Needless Thinking about Needs" is now available in English too. My third book, "Something is Wrong", is written only in English, published in December 2015 . In January 2023, I published "Beside Yourself, Around Yourself, and Back to Yourself"


Go to Spotify. If you're cheap, just go to YouTube.


If you want to do something for me, find the nearest orphanage and see how you can help the children. Donate whatever you can, get involved and see what you can do for their education and well-being. Remember: "The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away." - Marcus Aurelius. And if you want to ask a question, fill out that form.