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My notes

In the long run, improving yourself is easier than running from yourself.

“Popular feminism” doesn’t seem to be fighting for women’s rights. It just seems to hate men.

The problem with humans is that they believe in freedom and responsibility: THEIR freedom and SOMEONE ELSE’s responsibility.

Superficiality is the birthplace of bad ideas.

People like to use words such as “luck” to explain other people’s success and “bad luck” to justify their own failures.

2 words that can help you deal with any situation: “Who cares?”

Stupidity is an illness in which a person thinks he’s smarter than everyone else.

Rage is the most authentic expression of helplessness. – (from “Needless Thinking about Needs”)

The ability to always tell the truth is a reflection of the ultimate power.

It is the things that we can’t see and we’re not aware of that have the greatest power over us.- from “Needless Thinking about Needs”

Stupidity and bad taste are monozygotic twins.

“It wasn’t meant to be” is the most common way of saying “I screwed it up”.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Cry because you’re stupid.

There is only one animal more dangerous than a madman: a stupid man. (from “Something Is Wrong”)

Unfortunately, intelligence doesn’t always come with the ability to use it.

So often, people are guided by prejudices, and they proudly call it intuition.

Happiness comes from the ability to maintain a balance between “control yourself, you idiot” and “relax, you silly”.

Bragging shows the exact opposite of what you want it to show, especially when you are trying to make it look like you’re not bragging.

Great people never forget how small

I am worried that sarcasm will die out and we will be forced to laugh at politically correct jokes.

Careful with compassion. It can easily turn into pity and make you tolerate all kinds of annoying crap.

People don’t really hate money, but the truth it reveals – the truth about themselves and others around them.

People don’t really hate money; they hate their inability to make it.

Nobody really hates money. Those who say they hate money are usually those who don’t have (or never had) their own (or anybody else’s) money.

So many people are running away from freedom. They think that by running away from freedom they will also escape responsibility.

Make them believe they have ‘freedom to’, and they won’t even notice that they have no ‘freedom from’.- (from ‘Something Is Wrong’)

“We have developed an entire field of pseudo-science teaching people how to be happy. It’s the same as trying to teach people how to breathe” – from “Something is Wrong”

There are societies where you can’t be taken seriously if you are not old, ugly and angry – preferably at the same time.

The value system will not recover until bad journalism stops idolizing and/or legendizing pimps, thieves, monsters and imbeciles.

For power, you need two things: independence and indifference.

Every man has his price, even though it is not always expressed in numbers. People and things can be “sold” in exchange for all sorts of goods. If someone hasn’t sold himself for money or something else, that does not necessarily mean he is to be admired for it. The fact that he hasn’t sold himself may not mean that he didn’t want to, but it can easily mean he didn’t know how to. In other words, he might have been too stupid to set his price and realize his own value. (from “Something Is Wrong”)

If you need religion to keep you from doing wrong things – that’s the wrong thing.

The only way to love people, deeply and sincerely, is to not take them seriously.

You can tell that a viewpoint is wrong if it is shared by the majority.

If you have decided to always tell the whole truth, be prepared to be alone.

Don’t be angry with people who can’t mind their own business. Be compassionate. They are poor – they don’t have their own business to mind.

La debilidad del hombre se refleja mejor en lo que odia que en lo que ama.

Man’s weakness is better reflected in what he hates than in what he loves.

“Fear is not always bad. Fear is the basis of most, if not all other sentiments. It can make people think and act any way you want them to.” (from “Something Is Wrong”)

It is not wrong to live in accordance with your beliefs; however, it often happens that those beliefs are incorrect. In such cases, living by them is terribly wrong, even fatal. (from “Something Is Wrong”)

Most people hold the strongest beliefs in things that are impossible to prove. (from Humanoid)

Everyone says they want to inspire people to be better. Well, some people can never be better. How about inspiring people to shut up? If you can do that, you have the real power to improve things.

[Most] humans are weak and lying creatures.They spend most of their time lying to themselves and the rest of the time lying to each other” (from “Something Is Wrong”)

Values come from experience. You cannot expect an inexperienced person (regardless of their age) to have solid/correct values. Even if they say something that sounds correct, that will all crumble and disappear the first time they face reality. Experience is the only thing that can help establish one’s values, not only because it will shape those values, but also because it will test them.



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